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Love and Capes #7

April 6, 2011 Leave a comment

June 20, 2008

Love and Capes #7 (Maerkle Press)
By Thomas F. Zahler

I’m used to recommending comics for my girlfriend, but this is the first comic she’s ever recommended to me. And lo and behold, it’s one of those books that leaves me wondering why on Earth I wasn’t reading it already. This issue the world’s greatest superhero, the Crusader, has decided to pop the question to his girlfriend, Abby. Poor timing, oblivious teammates and supervillain intervention keep screwing up his plans, though, and it soon becomes clear this is one challenge where being a superhero won’t give him any advantage at all. Without having read any previous issue, this comic totally pulled me in. It’s sweet and funny, the heroes are heroic, the art style is wonderful and the romance between Mark and Abby works wonderfully. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait for November for the collected edition of the first six issues so I can see what I missed. This is just simply the best superhero romantic comedy I’ve ever seen.
Rating: 10/10