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The 3 Geeks: Slab Madness #2

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

February 20, 2009

3 Geeks: Slab Madness (3 Finger Prints)
By Rich Koslowski

I’ve been a fan of Rich Koslowski‘s 3 Geeks for about ten years now, ever since I stumbled across his one-shot, How to Pick Up Girls If You’re a Comic Book Geek. Adventures with the geeks have been few and far between, but I’ve always loved getting a new one. Last issue, Allen got in a shipment of comics he had graded and, hypnotized, constructs a dome out of the comics. As his friends arrived at his house to find out what happened, they were interrupted by a mysterious cabal of hooded men seeking out their Chosen One. This issue, the mysterious “Cee-Gee-Cee” organization reveals the history of their faith, and explains Allen’s place in the new order — unless his friends can get through to him. Koslowski‘s stories and characters never fail to sweep me up. He takes cliched stories that any comic book reader would recognize, then turns them around on the characters that represent the readers themselves, and in the process, makes them fresh, new, and funny. This is a fantastic issue — check it out.
Rating: 8/10