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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Desperate Times (2000 Series) #2

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

TITLE: Go Tell it On the Mountain

Chris Eliopoulos & Darren Sanchez
Chris Eliopoulos
AAAARGH! Comics/After Hours Press

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Never heard of this one. Is that a drunk dog on the cover?

IMPRESSIONS: The book kicks off with a roll call on the inside cover, which is good – it tells us we’re reading the adventures of a couple of 20something roommates and their circle of friends. Unfortunately, some of the characters in the roll call don’t actually appear in the issue. Instead, we see Marty and Toad pack up for a ski trip with Marty’s sister Linda, which ends in disaster and hilarity.

The book feels very episodic, like a string of four-panel newspaper comics pieced together into a comic book. The characters are goofy, but in an entertaining way, and one can quickly figure out why Marty never called Staci the Ventriloquist for a second date. Chris Eliopoulos really makes you sympathize with these characters, while maintaining the comedic nature of the piece.

There are several other stories in the book as well, most of them also by Eliopoulos flying solo. In The Adventures of Zap Peters, Space Avenger, we see a Buck Rogers-like space hero that comes to Earth only to find he isn’t that impressive. Alienz seems to be an ongoing serial about a human and an alien tooling around in a spaceship, with the alien panicking that he’s going to get in trouble for borrowing his parents’ ship without asking. Very funny stuff. The last page strip, The Guys, adds Darren Sanchez to the mix for a few football gags. Honestly, this is the least-impressive page in the book. The artwork is as good as elsewhere, full of expression and funny sight gags, but the scripting falls somewhat flat.

It’s a good comic book, mostly I’d read more.