Marvel Comics Archives

I’ve written thousands of comic book reviews. Here’s where you can find the ones currently available on the web. Some of them are posted at my home site, Evertime Realms, some are posted at the classic review site The Back Issue Bin, some are posted at (formerly, and some are scattered to the four winds. After the most recent CX upgrade, lots of my old reviews were lost to the web, but not to my hard drive, so I’ll be replacing them here a few at a time.

After a while, the archive page started to get a bit large, so I chose to break it up. This is where you’ll find all my reviews of Marvel Comics. There are separate pages for DC Comics and independent publishers.

Marvel Universe

All-Ages (Marvel Adventures/Marvel Age/Star Comics, etc.)

Disney Comics

Icon Comics

Marvel “Illustrated” (Book Adaptations)

Marvel Knights

Ultimate Comics

Other Imprints

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