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2000 AD Free Comic Book Day 2011 Edition

May 19, 2011 Leave a comment

May 10, 2011

Cover: Jock & Chris Blythe

 2000 AD is the long-running British weekly sci-fi anthology. This year, they had a sampler among the Free Comic Book Day offerings.

Title: Tharg and the Intruder

The first story in this magazine kicks things off in as bizarre a fashion as you can imagine. Tharg, apparently an alien editor of 2000 AD, comes in to kick the ass of a doubter who prefers more mainstream comic fare. Tharg… let’s say he sets him straight. This is a funny piece, I must admit – retro and goofy with a flavor totally unlike any American comic. Right off the bat, you get a feel for what 2000 AD is all about.

Title: S.A.M.

Writer: John Wagner   
Val Semekis & Cliff Robinson
Chris Blythe
Tom Frame

“S.A.M.” is this issue’s installment of the magazine’s most famous alumni, Judge Dredd. A would-be terrorist activates a smart bomb (smart as in it has an actual computer brain, capable of thought and conversation), summoning the Judges to put him down. The story is surprisingly funny, but then again, Judge Dredd often straddles the line between action and comedy. The Judges, in fact, are secondary to the story, the bomb itself is the real star. How often can you say that? Funny stuff.

Next up are three previews of stories that will soon be available in graphic novel form in the states, which is just smart use of the FCBD format. Slaine, by Pat Mills and Angela Kincaid, is a fantasy tale of a warrior that has returned from the dead to his home of Ireland. Kingdom is the Dan Abnett/Richard Elson yarn about the leader of a pack of predatory beings in constant war. And Robbie Morrison and Henry Flint’s Shakara is… bizarre. Out of the three, Kingdom is easily my favorite of the group, and the one I’m most likely to see out in trade paperback form.

Rating: 7/10