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Amelia Rules #17

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

April 13, 2007

Amelia Rules! #17 (Renaissance Press)
By Jimmy Gownley, cover by Terry Moore

Have I mentioned lately how great this comic book is? Jimmy Gownley‘s Amelia Rules! is one of the smartest, most intelligent young readers’ comics on the stands, and this double-sized issue is the best yet. A long summer over, Amelia and her friends prepare for the first day of school, and the walk from home stirs up a lot of memories. Gownley uses the “walk to school” framing sequence to tell a lot of stories, including one about Amelia and a friend running away from home, her aunt’s disappointment at her failed musical career, and just how Amelia and Kyle can relate to each other. While the book does depend on a lot of information from previous stories, but it’s never in an inaccessible fashion. New readers will be able to get right in. As usual, Gownley deals with some relatively serious topics in a fun, entertaining way that will appeal to young readers and help them understand some of the harder truths about life (divorce, for example) without depressing or frightening them. His artwork, as usual, is great, and this issue the book comes with a great cover by Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore. It’s double-sized, so it’s more expensive than a usual issue, but Amelia Rules! #17 is worth each and every penny.

Rating: 9/10