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Echo #14

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August 15, 2009

Quick Rating: Very Good

Is there a way to stop the Beta Suit?

Writer: Terry Moore
Art: Terry Moore
Cover Art: Terry Moore
Publisher: Abstract Studio

The spotlight drifts away from Julie this month as she comes home – unwittingly letting the people tracking her know exactly where to find her. Instead, we turn to Hong Liu, a brilliant scientist who may have made a breakthrough in dealing with the strange alloy that makes up the Beta Suit Julie is trapped in. However, what if the only way to deal with the suit will kill the person inside?

Moore’s strength has always been in his incredibly well-rounded, well-developed characters. With a book like this one, though, with such a heavy sci-fi bent, it was inevitable that sooner or later we’d come back around and talk about the science of the whole thing. We find out this issue about some interesting effects the suit is having on Julie (at least one of which she’s really not happy about), and we dig into the way it works as well. This isn’t an issue full of backstory, it’s more like we’re discovering things along with the characters involved. It’s a necessary pit stop on the way, and it’s one that works in the context of the story very well.

Between this and visits with other members of our cast – Julie’s sister, for example – this is a nice package. Like most of Moore’s work, it’s not really much of an introduction. You really need to read this series from the get-go to understand what’s going on. But for those of us who have been following along since the beginning, this issue works.

Moore, again, gives us some great art to compliment his story. He’s remarkably good at designing characters that look like real people of all shapes and sizes. There’s no cookie-cutter character in the book. The man is a rare talent in the field.

Not reading this book at all? Get the first two paperbacks and catch up. It’s really good stuff.

Rating: 8/10


Echo #23

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August 3, 2010

Story and Art: Terry Moore
Abstract Studio

Julie and Ivy continue their hunt for the truth about what happened to Annie, and Ivy begins to notice some distinct changes in them both. After Annie (through Julie) healed her up, Ivy is feeling younger and more spry than ever… and just what is happening to Julie? Terry Moore has really proven himself with this series. Strangers in Paradise was a great title, but this book is totally different and, at the still time, still has some of the things that made that earlier work a success. For instance, in the midst of some pretty intense moments, Moore has Julie pop out with a tremendously funny line, delivered in anger, but still managing to lighten the mood considerably. There are still plenty of intense moments in the book, of course, with Vijay understandably afraid for his life and Dillon surrounded by death.

Moore has managed to shift genres and maintained the sort of character-based content that he does so extremely well. There may not be a good spot to jump on to the book at this point – it’s been one story slowly building from issue number one, but people who have been on board since the beginning will find each issue rewarding. And if you haven’t been with us since day one, go back and start getting the trade paperbacks. The book is completely worth it.

Rating: 7/10