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Casper and the Spectrals #2

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

September 26, 2010

Writer: Todd Dezago
Pedro Delgado
Kieran Oats
Richard Emms
Pedro Delgado
J.M. DeMatteis
Ardden Entertainment

After an inexplicably long wait from the first issue, Casper and the Spectrals returns! Casper and Wendy are from two different worlds (that of a ghost and a witch, respectively), but they’ve formed a friendship that transcends those boundaries. As their families reject their friendship, the little Devil called Hot Stuff tries to find another way to throw a wrench into things – and all the while, something ancient and evil is poised to return.

I’m really not sure why there was such a long wait between issues one and two, but issue two was at least satisfying. The reinvention of these characters is pretty good. Casper is more or less himself, and while Hot Stuff has taken on more of a punk kid look visually, he’s still got the feel of the old character. Wendy is the character who’s changed the most, not just visually, but she’s a stronger girl than the frequently saccharine Wendy of the old Harvey Comics was.

Pedro Delgado’s artwork is really sharp. I like the redesigns for the most part, and the rest of the ghosts, witches, devils and other monsters that populate this series all have god, distinct visuals that help us to keep all the players straight and keep the reader entertained. On the whole, and except for the lateness, I think this has been a pretty successful relaunch. I hope to see more of these characters once this miniseries ends.

Rating: 7/10