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Harbinger (2012) #1

June 10, 2012

Title: Omega Rising Part One

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Khari Evans
Rob Steen
Ian Hannin
Cover Art:
Arturo Lozzi
Warren Simons
Valiant Entertainment

Peter Stanchek is a boy on the run. Cursed with hearing the thoughts of those around him, gifted with the ability to influence people into doing his bidding, Peter and his friend Joe have been fleeing the clutches of Harada Conglomerates for some time. As Toyo Harada closes in on them, Peter decides to return home and look in on an old friend.

Like the new X-O Manowar #1, which premiered first, this new Valiant title is taking the DNA of the old series and dressing it up in a more modern way that really works very well. Pete does some questionable things in this issue, but all of it feels justified for the character… they’re no worse, really, than the things he did in the original continuity. We’re just spending more time dwelling on them here, examining the consequences of his actions, looking deeper than the original comic did in 1992.

In fact, this is a fair way to look at this whole new Valiant Universe thus far. There have been relatively few changes from the original series, we’re simply looking at things from a modern perspective and with a different filter, a different pacing, that helps to update those stories for the modern day. For the first two Valiant titles, this is a formula that is working extremely well.

Khari Evans nails the artwork here, giving us characters that look more like real people than your standard comic book superhero teens. The design for Kris in particular seems much more contemporary and much more realistic than she did in the original Valiant Universe, which itself made a great effort at creating characters that were realistic compared to the superhero titles of the day.

At any rate, this first issue is great, with a lot going for it and plenty to make the longtime reader happy. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see just where this series goes.

Rating: 9/10

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