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Animal Man (1988 Series) #10

June 11, 2012

Title: Fox on the Run

Writer: Grant Morrison
Chas Truog & Mark McKenna
John Costanza
Tatjana Wood
Cover Art:
Brian Bolland
Karen Berger
DC Comics

When former Justice League member Vixen shows up on his doorstep, Buddy Baker begins to think about the origins of his powers. Meanwhile, in Arkham Asylum, the Psycho-Pirate begins having very strange delusions.

Last issue I mentioned that the story here wasn’t quite as wild as we’ve come to expect from Grant Morrison. Here’s where he makes up for it. Buddy’s origins were always kind of odd, so the examination of them that begins here feels perfectly rational. The places that examination takes us, however, are really far out. It’s also easy to forget, all these years later, that the original Crisis on Infinite Earths had ended just two years prior to this story, the streamlined DCU (sans the multiverse) was still relatively new, and only Psycho-Pirate remembered the truth. That said, the way he treads on the fourth wall here is really quite unusual and entertaining. Morrison has built a career on metafiction, and as far as his work in American comics goes, this is where that all began. The way he draws not only on Animal Man’s past, but on the DCU as a whole, makes it a stronger story.

Would that I could say the same for the art. I’ve been down on Chas Truog’s pencils before, but this issue is really dreadful. The faces in particular are weak – ill-defined lines, eyes that are out of proportion with one another and misplaced… mistakes that a high school art teacher would call attention to. This issue actually sent me to the internet to see how long Truog stayed with the book… to my chagrin, I found he was there (minus the occasional fill-in) until the end of Grant Morrison’s run.

I’m really enjoying the story here, it’s just getting better and better. Now I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping Truog had an off-day when he was drawing this one.

Rating: 7/10

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