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Breakdown #3

January 21, 2005

Quick Rating: Very Good

His father freed, Jeff Carey finds out one of the family’s secrets.

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Pencils: Dave Ross
Colors: Jeremy Roberts with Sunder Raj & Aadi Salaman
Letters: Robin Spehar
Editor: Mark Powers
Cover Art: Dave Ross & Jeremy Roberts
Publisher: Devil’s Due/Aftermath

Last issue Jeff Carey, once the superhero named Paragon, broke his father Brice out of prison to help him hunt down the people who murdered his wife and son. This issue, the two of them and their ally from the very company responsible for the turn their lives have taken set out for even more help. Both Jeff and Brice want vengeance. But Jeff doesn’t know all of his father’s secrets, or what they’re going to do to his life.

In the first two issues, I was a little afraid that this comic was going to meander, become just a knock-off of the Punisher plus superpowers. This issue went a long way towards alleviating my fears. There’s a lot more to the story than was really evident at the beginning. Brice’s life, frozen in place twenty years ago, was full of secrets, deceptions, twists and turns, and something tells me the two revelations we get in this issue aren’t the only ones we have waiting for us.

Chuck Dixon has been a favorite writer of mine for years, and he continues to prove himself with this series. He started out with a few characters who could easily have lapsed into stereotype, and has managed to make them a lot more realistic, a lot more fully-realized. He’s done fine work here.

Also deserving of praise is the art team of Dave Ross and Jeremy Roberts. Using the pencil-to-color process that seems to be so popular these days, they’ve managed to create a look for this series that hovers somewhere between the realistic and the fantastic. Some pages are as dark and gritty as anything I’ve ever seen, then other pages, like the one that shows the treatment that gave Brice his powers, are truly fantastic and would fit easily in a hard sci-fi comic. It’s a strange look, and one that works perfectly for this title.

This book clearly knew where it was going from the very first issue. It’s with this issue that we start to see where it’s going as well, and I for one am anxious to find out where it goes next.

Rating: 8/10

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