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The Authority: More Kev #2

June 18, 2004

Quick Rating: Below Average
Title: The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers Part Two

A dip into Kev’s past tells us why Earth has been targeted for destruction.

Writer: Garth Ennis
Art: Glenn Fabry
Colors: David Baron
Letters: Phil Balsman
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover Art: Glenn Fabry
Publisher: DC Comics/Wildstorm Universe

Okay, let’s start by looking at the cover. Isn’t that baby tiger the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen?

Now keep going, because that’s the best thing about this issue. Garth Ennis, who reached brilliance with his Preacher series and continues to entertain with his Punisher tales, succumbs to the same trap that every Authority story I’ve ever read: shallow blood, sex and cursing for pure shock value.

With the rest of the team out of commission, Midnighter and Apollo turn to Kev to help them save the world from an alien invasion, but it turns out Kev may have a past with them as well. Through two flashback sequences which serve to give the book its requisite amounts of gore and kink, respectively, we find out why a dunderhead in Kev’s old unit may have inadvertently caused the downfall of humanity. (Naturally, the only character in the book to display any compassion at all turns out to be the idiot.)

Glenn Fabry’s artwork is fine considering what he has to work with. His troopers slagging through the jungle, his explosions and gunfights are just fine, and he does a very good job with the animal characters in the story. The superhero characters don’t have much to do in this issue except stand around and listen to Kev talk about himself, but they look just fine.

This is supposed superhero action with slasher movie blood and guts and teen sex movie jokes thrown as though they were redeeming qualities. Ennis is capable of much better than this. I don’t think I’ll ever understand what it is about The Authority that sucks talent into a black hole.

Rating: 4/10

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