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Animal Man (1988) #9

June 10, 2012

Title: Home Improvements

Writer: Grant Morrison
Tom Grummett
Doug Hazlewood
John Costanza
Tatjana Wood
Cover Art:
Brian Bolland
Karen Berger
DC Comics

It’s been a rough few months for Animal Man – the alien invasion introduced a gene bomb that has made his powers go haywire, and he’s concerned that his new position as a member of Justice League Europe may be in jeopardy, plus Mirror Master just trashed his house. But being a Leaguer has its benefits, as we see this issue when the Martian Manhunter drops in for a visit.

Here’s where we start to drift away from those Animal Man issues I’ve read before. Although I know that Grant Morrison is going to get meta in the coming issues, I don’t know too much about what direction he’s going to take, which may be the reason this issue seems a little by-the-book for me. It’s not a bad issue at all, far from it. It’s nice to see Buddy and company interacting more with the rest of the DC Universe, and the Justice League in particular. What we don’t get much of, though, are the larger ideas and bigger picture that Morrison has been slowly building towards. This feels very much like a standard DC Universe story, although a bit funnier than most (a feeling that’s mostly accomplished thanks to the workers J’onn brings in to fix up Buddy’s house). Not bad, but not what we’ve come to expect from Morrison.

I’ve been a big fan of Tom Grummett for years, since his Superman days, which actually happened after he drew this issue. The stuff I liked about his work then and now was already present here – it’s very clean, very bold work. The characters are expressive and the action is clear. It’s traditional superhero work, to be sure, but he does it very well. Brian Bolland, as usual, knocks it out with a great cover that really captures the feel of the story and the characters.

Rating: 7/10

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