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Irredeemable #37

June 5, 2012

Writer: Mark Waid
Diego Barreto
Ed Dukeshire
Nolan Woodard
Cover Art:
Matteo Scalera
Matt Gagnon & Shannon Watters
Boom! Studios

The Plutonian’s rampage has come to this. The governments of the world, in an effort to stop him, have unleashed a radioactive cloud that could kill a third of the people on the planet, maybe more, and only Mallus knows how to stop it… a procedure that will take everything the Plutonian has. If this is the end for the fallen hero, is it possible he could somehow find redemption?

Despite the title of this series, this final issue really does drive home the point of the story. The Plutonian has fallen about as far as any comic book superhero ever has. In this issue, as it appears the only way to save the world will cost him his life, the question is raised: is that enough? After all, if it wasn’t for him the world would never have been in jeopardy in the first place? Mark Waid floats these questions out in front of us, but doesn’t supply us with any answers. Perhaps the best thing about this book – which was very good throughout its run – is the way the finale leaves things slightly open, the way the readers will be able to debate for some time whether or not Plutonian finds redemption in the last few pages.

And let’s talk about the last few pages for a moment. Without spoiling anything, Waid takes a very unexpected turn right at the end, spinning this story into the realm of metafiction, and showing that whatever very public issues Waid may have with the people currently running DC Comics, his love for the DC characters seems to continue unabated. It makes for a strangely sweet sentiment, right at the end, and it’s very welcome.

Diego Barreto finishes up this series in style – the tragic, final moments of our heroes and villains alike comes across with real power and drama, and the final panel is just magnificent. It’s a relatively simple image, but striking in its iconic nature, and something that will stay with the reader for a long time.

This finale really wasn’t what I expected, but that’s not at all a complaint. I really enjoyed the end of this series, and it’s nice to come across an ending that justifies the journey.

Rating: 8/10

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