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No Place Like Home #1

March 4, 2012

Title: Home Again Part One

Writer: Angelo Tirotto
Richard Jordan
Angelo Tirotto
Paul Little
Cover Art:
Richard Jordan, Ian Churchill (Variant)
Image Comics

A killer tornado strikes a small Kansas town, summoning home a young woman whose parents died in the disaster. Dee Dee Hamilton has been in Los Angeles for five years, but Emeraldsville is the same, dull like town she left… until a lunatic disrupts her parents’ funeral. Then, of course, there are the murders…

Fan as I am of all things related to L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, I always like to give a peek at unique interpretations of the Oz mythos. By the end of this issue, though, I’m not really getting a feel for what kind of comic this is supposed to be. The Oz connections are tenuous, to the point where if I hadn’t been promised there was a connection in the solicits for the series I would start to doubt they were even intentional, or at least any more than a quick homage. Is this supposed to be a horror story? A murder mystery? A small town soap opera? Some combination of the above? I’m interested in the book, but I think this first issue needed something a little stronger to hook us. By way of comparison, think of the first episode of Lost. It could have simply been a drama about plane crash survivors, but you at least had that quick appearance by the Smoke Monster to let you know something weird was going on. The closest thing to that in this issue is some animal behavior which, while unusual, isn’t even unheard of in the real world.

Helping out the story is some very nice work by Richard Jordan. His cover is really striking and evocative – perhaps a little on the cheesecake side, but the “surrender” tattoo across Dee Dee’s chest and the crow feathers in the background really help to establish the tone of the book. His interior work, as is usually the case, isn’t quite as polished as the cover, but it’s still really well-done, marvelous at setting the tone and effective at giving this book a certain feel.

I’m going to keep reading a few more issues before I decide if I’m sticking with this series or not. It has potential, but it’s important I get a feel for where this is going before the first story arc ends.

Rating: 7/10

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