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1st Issue Special #2

February 18, 2012

Title: Green Team: Boy Millionaires

Writer: Joe Simon
Jerry Grandenetti
DC Comics

Back in the 70s, DC tried this interesting series – basically an ongoing made up of one-shots, each intended to be the “first issue” of a new series. Not many of the books ever made it to series, though, and many of them were never heard from again. As evidence, I present to you the Green Team. The basic premise here is that this “Green Team” is made up of several underage millionaires, each a bit bored in his own life, who decide to pool their resources and find interesting projects to invest in. The group consists of “The Commodore” – a shipping tycoon, “oil magnate” J.P. Houston, and “starmaker” Cecil Sunbeam. But because this was 1973 and the rules said there had to be a token minority in the group, we were also introduced to Abdul Smith, a penniless but hard-working newsboy who becomes a half-millionaire thanks to a banking error, then invests wisely enough to earn his way into the club even after he pays the bank back.

To be blunt, it doesn’t really work. The three original members of the team are bland, and Abdul feels like an attempt at blatant pandering. The plot feels terribly forced, with the Team investing in a “Pleasure Machine” (no, seriously, that’s what it’s called), which infuriated the entertainment complex to the point where they’re forced to quell a riot. If nothing else, this book shows you that even a magnificent creator like Joe Simon will hit a dud once in a while. The best thing I can say about this book is that I only paid a quarter for it.

Rating: 4/10

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