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Firestorm: The Nuclear Man (1982 Series) #50

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Writer: Gerry Conway
Rafael Kayanan
Mike Machlan, Pablo Marcos, Rodin Rodriguez
Nansi Hoolahan
Carrie Spiegle
Paul Kupperberg
Cover Art:
Denys Cowan & Klaus Janson
DC Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: I don’t know who he is, but he’s got a cool look…

IMPRESSIONS: Wow, does this book turn you around a dozen times. We start off with someone polishing a gun while he looks down at a wedding announcement. We come to find out that the guy getting married is Ed Raymond, father of Ronnie Raymond, who’s kind of the hero “Firestorm,” and that Ed’s fiancé just recently dropped a lawsuit against Firestorm. I say Ronnie is only “kind of” Firestorm, because apparently he can only become a superhero by fusing with one of his college professors. Anyway, things seem to be going okay until somebody kidnaps Ed and tries to kill Ronnie during a football game, but instead winds up crippling one of his teammates, a sort of beefy dude with a heart of gold called Hugo.

Oddly enough, the superhero stuff (in which a college student merges with a professor to turn into a flying man whose head is on fire) is the part of this comic that’s easy to comprehend. The comic goes into all kinds of backstory, including stuff that’s happened to Firestorm in the past and an old World War II superhero called the Aviator, who turns up out of nowhere with a sort of convoluted soap opera explanation for what he’s doing in this story.

Firestorm himself is actually pretty cool. He’s got an interesting hook and a great visual. All the stuff around him is a mess, though, and it makes me less likely to want to read any more of his comic books.


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