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Ghostbusters #5

February 4, 2012

Writer: Erik Burnham
Dan Schoening
Neil Uyetake
Luis Antonio Delgado
Cover Art:
Dan Schoening
Tom Waltz
IDW Publishing

The second Ghostbusters arc picks up right on the heels of the first. Although the City has (reluctantly) conceded that the Ghostbusters are a necessity in New York, the fact that they’re on public retainer makes them civil servants, which means they’re to be held to the same physical standards as police officers and firefighters – something that doesn’t sit too well with Peter Venkman in particular. As the Ghostbusters shart on the long road to physical fitness, an amusement park starts to exhibit signs of a ghost infestation that will require the guys to suit up again.

Erik Burnham takes us into some fun territory here. While the haunted amusement park thing is standard Ghostbusters fare, the B-plot that’s running right now is definitely bringing the team into uncharted territory. Even the antagonistic Walter Peck, EPA jerk from the first movie, is becoming an interesting member of the cast, a Henry Gyrich to their Avengers, if you will. The fitness storyline provides plenty of opportunities for comedy, while the action and horror comes in the guise of the spectral monsters the team faces. Burnham is also expanding the supporting cast, introducing us to Ray’s employees at his occult bookstore in a way that makes us suspect there are story plans in the works for them as well.

I’ve become quite the fan of Dan Schoening. He tells a story very well, and some of the little visual notes he adds make the book all the more entertaining. The Blues Brothers tribute from the first storyline was great, but it seems that the shout-outs aren’t going to stop there. This issue we encounter a demonic clown that looks terribly familiar, far too familiar to possibly be a coincidence.

Why it took so long for IDW to launch an ongoing Ghostbusters title after it got the license, I’ll never know. Now that it’s here, though, I’m really enjoying it.

Rating: 8/10

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