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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Alf #7

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TITLE: Going Thru a Stage


Writer: Michael Gallagher
Dave Manak
Marie Severin
Marie Severin
Rick Parker
Sid Jacobson
Cover Art:
Dave Manak
Marvel Comics/STAR Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Hey, I remember ALF! Loved this show – an alien lives with a human family. Who’d have thunk it? Well… except for Mork and Mindy. And My Favorite Martian. And…

IMPRESSIONS: We get three stories in this comic book. “Going Thru a Stage” is first – Lynn, the daughter of the Earth-family, is going to be the star of her high school production of Pygmalion, and Alf winds up as her drama coach. She does great, but her co-star gets a case of stage fright, so “Uncle Alfred” has to step in and save the day. We also get a “Melmac Flashback” called “Aloe Again, Naturally.” Alf reminisces about his adventures with Aloe Vera, a plant-based supervillain his scientist father accidentally created back on his home planet of Melmac. And in “Bounce Thy Neighbor,” a device from Alf’s spaceship winds up in the hands of the Tanner’s next-door neighbor, Trevor Ochmonek.

All three stories here are actually really funny – in fact, I suspect they’re probably funnier than the TV shows would be if I went back and watched them again. Michael Gallagher packs the pages with cheesy puns and groan-inducing gags that are all the better for their goofy nature. But he also works in some rather smart jokes – cracks about Salvador Dali, Audrey Hepburn, and other things that kids reading this comic very likely would have missed entirely. Dave Manak’s artwork, similarly, is full of little sight gags. The comic book also brings an energy and a scope to it that wasn’t really possible on the sitcom, where the camera was limited by the nature of the puppet star.

This is actually a really funny book. Cute, smart… I think even kids today, who’ve never heard of Alf, could read it and find it very enjoyable.


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