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Lullaby: Wisdom Seeker #3

July 2, 2005

Quick Rating: Very Good

As Jim searches for Pinocchio, Alice and Red Riding Hood take up a new quest.

Writers: Mike S. Miller & Ben Avery
Art: Hector Sevilla
Colors: Ulises Arreola & Djoko Santiko
Letters: Bill Tortolini
Editor: Mike S. Miller
Cover Art: Hector Sevilla
Publisher: Image Comics/Alias Enterprises

With Pinnochio missing, Jim Hawkins continues his search for his lost friend. Meanwhile, Alice, Piper and Red Riding Hood continue on their search for the disturbances that have been wreaking havoc on Wonderland – and all roads lead to Oz.

As the story of Lullaby continues, the writing starts to sharpen. In the last two issues, one of the few problems was how abruptly the book shifted from one set of the characters to another. It was almost as if you were reading two entirely different stories with similar themes. This issue the writers blend the two stories much better, cutting back and forth between the various tracts, giving the whole thing a much greater sense of connectivity.

The individual stories are getting better too, as we see more and more how these versions of the characters differ from the classics, and how the stories flow together. Alice and her crew make it to a bridge with a trial-by-combat requisite for crossing… and the combatants are goats. Meanwhile, we see what’s become of Red Riding Hood’s missing grandmother, who is in the clutches of a very familiar villain.

Not unlike Bill Willingham’s Fables, much of the appeal of this title is seeing how so many familiar characters and concepts can be changed and mutated, and ultimately, how they are pieced together. With just one issue left, though, it’s hard to imagine that the miniseries will reach a satisfying conclusion. This isn’t too big a deal – the ongoing series that will follow this up has already been solicited as launching in September, but at the same time, you’d want an inaugural miniseries to stand on its own.

Hector Sevilla, artist and co-creator, is in top form here. I know some people are put off by the rather Manga-esque form the artwork takes, but as long as it’s on an appropriate project, that doesn’t bother me at all. He does a really fantastic job reimagining the characters, The designs are really clever and offbeat, and the scenery and backgrounds are just beautiful.

This is a wonderful little all-ages tale, the sort of thing parents and their kids could be sharing together. And who knows – if your kids enjoy the comic enough, maybe you can use it to get them to pick up a few books without pictures, too.

Rating: 8/10

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