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X-Factor (2006 Series) #19

May 15, 2007

Quick Rating: Very Good
Rating: T+

One of Jaime’s dupes is dying – and saving him may kill them both!

Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Khoi Pham
Inks: Sandu Florea
Colors: Chris Sotomayor
Letters: Cory Petit
Editor: Andy Schmidt
Cover Art: Andrea DiVito
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I must confess, my teaser up top really doesn’t do this issue justice. There’s a lot going on here besides just Jamie trying to save a dying duplicate. As usual, Peter David uses the erratic behavior of the duplicates to great effect here.

The rest of the team is split up as well, following Layla’s vague instructions. Rahne and Guido continue their hunt for Pietro, while Syrin and Monet have encountered three former mutants from the X-Cell, and they’re none too happy to be face-to-face with some of the few mutants who managed to hold on to their powers after M-Day. Layla, meanwhile, has a heart-to-heart with the former mutant girl Nicole.

Nobody in the entire X-universe is using the fallout of the M-Day storyline as well as Peter David is. While the X-Men are pretty much business as usual – off in space or fighting evil mutants or whatnot – here in X-Factor the depowering has become a personal storyline for several of our characters, and the stakes are clearly very high. This title, hands down, is the single greatest thing to come out of House of M.

Pham and Florea have been on board for several issues now, and I’m very happy with their artwork. Their Blob in particular has an inspired design, with his powers gone but his girth still there. I just wish they would get to redesign some of the characters who appear in this issue that have more of a distinctively “90s” feel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: X-Factor is the best X-title Marvel is publishing right now. Period.

Rating: 8/10

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