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Dynamo 5 #5

July 13, 2007

Dynamo 5 #5 (Image Comics)
By Jay Faerber & Mahmud A. Asrar

This is kind of a surprising story for the young Dynamo 5 title. I would have expected a story dealing with the late Captain Dynamo’s return eventually, but I would have thought Faerber would have spent more time establishing the characters and their world before heading in that direction. On the other hand, taking that angle so early is just another element that makes this book a unique, entertaining read. The last-page reveal fits perfectly with the overall concept of the series, but still managed to be a legitimate shocker. The characters are forced to grow a bit here as well, which is something many of them sorely need. Faerber has thrown us a curve ball with a status-quo changing sstory before the status quo was even really established. It’s a bold idea, and it’s working.

Rating: 8/10

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