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Dill Gherkin and the Legend of the Christmas Pickle #1

December 17, 2011

Title: One Fine Pickle                                              

Writer: George Broderick, Jr.
George Broderick, Jr.
Cool Yule Comics

Meet Dill Gherkin, carrier of the Christmas Pickle. Never heard of him? No problem! Scoop Twinkletype of the Garland Gazette is here to do an in-depth article on this unsung Christmas hero!

One of the things I like about George Broderick is how he so freely pulls inspiration from all kinds of Christmas stories. The “Christmas Pickle” isn’t nearly as well known in the US as it is in parts of Europe, but here he presents it in a way that makes it feel like it’s a regular part of the holiday season. Dill, the holiday spirit tasked with following Santa Claus on his route and placing a “Christmas Pickle” on each tree, explains the origins of the tradition in this special, and telling some rather amusing stories along the way. Broderick manages to work in just a hint of education along with the Yuletide fun.

Artistically, Broderick is doing his usual wonderful, cartoony artwork. The only page that doesn’t really work is when he tries to mix it up with a double-page spread of Dill planting his pickles on trees. Here, Broderick takes photographs of trees with pickles on them and lays Dill over them. The change in style is very jarring, and some of the photographs sadly don’t reproduce very well, making for a weak-looking page.

Helping the book out, though, are the flurry of coloring and activity pages at the end. These comics are perfect for kids, and it’s always nice to give them a little bonus after the story is over.

This book came out in 2009, but I hadn’t gotten around to reading it until now, and it’s a shame. The story is perhaps the funniest of all the Cool Yule comics (and I can now officially say I’ve read them all), and the issue as a whole may just be my favorite.

Rating: 8/10

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