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Trials of Shazam! #2

September 25, 2006

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Grounded

The Trials begin!

Writer: Judd Winick
Art: Howard Porter
Letters: Rob Leigh
Editor: Mike Carlin
Cover Art: Howard Porter
Publisher: DC Comics

Last issue, things changed for Billy Batson. This issue, we check in on the rest of the Marvel Family. Those of you who have worried about Mary since Brave New World, this issue we find out her fate. But the real focus is on Freddy Freeman, the young man who once was Captain Marvel, Jr., and who now has no power at all.

Billy and Freddy meet and we learn a lot about what’s happened – how Billy has changed and what it means for the rest of the Marvels. This issue really changes the focus of the entire property – even the title of the miniseries has a new significance by the end. Judd Winick is doing a lot more than just updating the Marvels for the 21st century, he’s changing them from the ground-up. He’s doing it so well, though, that even a lifelong fan of the Big Red Cheese like myself can’t really get upset. Change is only bad when it doesn’t make sense. The changes in this issue… they fit.

Speaking of changes, let’s talk again about Howard Porter’s cracking new art style. Porter’s art, which appears to be some form of digital painting, give this book a style unseen elsewhere on the shelves. This is very much its own series, both in art and story, and it’s all to the good.

There isn’t much else I can say – this issue is majorly spoiler-laden. But if you enjoyed issue #1, you’ll be happy to know this issue keeps the story going in the right direction.

Rating: 8/10

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