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The Fir Tree HC

December 5, 2009

The Fir Tree (HarperCollins/It Books)
By Hans Christian Anderson & Lilli Carré

It Books is celebrating the season with graphic novel adaptations of three classic Christmas short stories. Of the three, Hans Christian Anderson‘s The Fir Tree is the only one I’m not really familiar with. The story follows an evergreen as it grows in the forest, dreaming of life outside of the woods. Of course, it winds up as a Christmas tree, but it’s the fate of the tree afterwards that makes this a rather unique Christmas story. And by “unique,” I actually mean “depressing.” When you’re reading a Yuletide tale, there’s something of an expectation of an uplifting ending, or at the very least, that you won’t end up depressed. This story, though, is one of the biggest downers I’ve ever read in a Christmas tale. For some people, I suppose that may be a selling point, but for me, it just sort of makes me glad I never read the story as a child. Carré‘s adaptation of the story, at least, is very good. The light lines and colors have a quality like a child’s picturebook, which suits the classic nature of the story. If anything, this book makes me a fan of Carré more than the story.
Rating: 7/10

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