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Christmas Eve Sping Fling #1

December 11, 2011

Title: L-O-V-EEEEK! And other stories

Writer: George Broderick, Jr.
George Broderick, Jr.
Cool Yule Comics

Technically speaking, this isn’t a Christmas comic. It’s about Christmas characters, but it takes place outside of the Christmas season. It’s the Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July of Cool Yule Comics.

That said, it’s still a fun little book with some good stories in it, beginning with “L-O-V-EEEEK!” In this tale Christmas Boy, the ultimate Christmas fanboy, finds himself with a crush on our heroine, the yuletide-powered superheroine Christmas Eve. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, he begins an all-out campaign to win her over. But the former object of his affections, Dotty the Sugar Plum Fairy, finds herself unexpectedly jealous, and a battle royale ensues. Technically, this isn’t a springtime story either (February is still Winter last I checked), but it’s a very cute story that begins a book’s worth of expanding the world of Cool Yule.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” takes us up to St. Patrick’s Day, in which Eve’s fairy friends find themselves called upon to defend a colony of Leprechauns against a pair of decidedly Irish threats. Again, it’s a fun story, and it helps add more characters to this world. The mostly-wordless “No Time Like the Present” is next, when a little time-travel confusion on the part of the fairies sends Eve and Father Time on a strange journey.

The book ends with “Sunday, Bunny Sunday,” the Easter story. Pete the Easter Bunny is making his trip down to Mother Goose Land, but keeps falling afoul of various villains and pitfalls from the world of nursery rhymes. Again, it’s up to Eve and the Fairies to help out.

Cool Yule has kept a pretty regular “one book a year” schedule, which is nice for what is essentially a one-man production (namely, the fine cartoonist George Broderick, Jr.). This book really does make me wish they did more comics, though. The Christmas characters are fun, but this book adds several new characters to the universe that would be fun to explore at other times of the year. It’s a great little world that is wonderfully suitable to share with your kids. You’ve got to hurry, though – only orders made at the Cool Yule Website by Dec. 15 are guaranteed for delivery by Christmas. If you’re reading this after Dec. 15, drop in any way. The comics are now available digitally, too!

Rating: 7/10

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