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Secret Six (2008 Series) #3

November 8, 2008

Quick Rating: Great
Title: A Run of Misfortune (Unhinged Part Three)

As the Six transport Tarantula, the truth about the card is revealed!

Writer: Gail Simone
Pencils: Nicola Scott
Inks: Doug Hazelwood
Colors: Jason Wright
Letters: Travis Lanham
Editor: Nachie Castro
Publisher: DC Comics

As Catman rejoins the team, they make plans to transport the Tarantula and retrieve the mysterious card in her possession. The card is more popular than they’d anticipated, though. Even as they race to get the card for their mysterious employer, half of the villains in the DC Universe are queuing up to snag it for their own. We also get a few flashbacks with Catman and the Tarantula that help to set the stage and the characters themselves.

Gail Simone again proves what makes her one of my favorite writers working in comics today. When we get to the reveal about what the card actually is, we get a moment that is really funny, but at the same time, makes it completely clear why this could well be one of the most valuable items in the world, something worth committing any number of atrocities to get your hands on.

The danger in any ongoing series starring villains is that it’s hard to make them protagonists without eventually turning them into watered-down heroes. (This was the fate that plagued Venom and Sabertooth in their ongoing comics, and the Thunderbolts only survived because turning into heroes was part of the plot.) We’re only three issues in, of course, but I’m really feeling good about Simone not falling into that trap. The Six (still technically five, but I’ve got a couple of hunches about who number six will be) are each very distinct, very individual personalities. Each of them has their own motivations and reasons for doing what they do, and none of them are coming across as compromised in this series. She has created characters that can be bad and likable at the same time, and that’s no mean feat.

Nicola Scott, as I’ve mentioned before, keeps proving her chops on this series with great character designs and high action. I recently heard that she was the one who got to pick Hazelwood and Wright to round out the art team, and she couldn’t have chosen better. This is one of the best-looking comics on the shelves.

Another great issue of a great series.

Rating: 9/10

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