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Howard the Duck (2007 Series) #1

October 2, 2007

Quick Rating: Average
Title: The Most Dangerous Game Fowl
Rating: A

Is AIM interested in Howard?

Writer: Ty Templeton
Pencils: Juan Bobillo
Inks: Marcelo Sosa
Colors: Nestor Pereyra
Letters: Nate Piekos
Editor: Aubrey Sitterson
Cover Art: Juan Bobillo
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s trademark renewal time (or something), and that means it’s time for a new Howard the Duck miniseries. Last we saw Howard (in the Civil War: Choosing Sides one-shot), he was lining up to register despite the fact that he’s about as far from a superhero as you can get. Now he and Beverly are back in Detroit. Bad dreams are plaguing Howard, Bev is getting her big shot as an actress, and some would-be supervillains are planting their flags.

This issue is a mixed bag, to be blunt. The humor is pretty good – there’s a nice bit where Howard pretty much echoes my feelings for Civil War during a talk radio exchange, for instance – and Beverly’s innocence helps drive the plot along. The rating disturbs me, though – there’s a good bit of implied sex in here, which I don’t have a problem with in general, but I don’t really think should be in a comic with an “All Ages” rating. (Considering that Howard’s last miniseries was a MAX book makes it even more ironic.)

The artwork, similarly, is seriously mixed. I have the same problem with Juan Bobillo here that I did on She-Hulk: he draws people and backgrounds wonderfully, but the non-human characters look consistently off-model and unappealing. The Thing, the Man-Thing, the various monsters Howard plays poker with… just don’t work for me. And I don’t like the redesign for Howard himself at all. The rumor mill has it that the redesign is part of a settlement with Disney, who has never been happy with Howard’s superficial similarities to their own Duck family, but that doesn’t make the new Howard, with his narrow beak and bloodshot eyes, look any better. [2011 Note: This was written before Disney bought Marvel comics. Now they own Howard.]

In the end, the good and bad pretty much counteract each other and make this book a wash.

Rating: 5/10

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