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Star Wars: Legacy #28

September 27, 2008

Star Wars: Legacy #28 (Dark Horse Comics)
By John Ostrander, Jan Duursema & Travis Charest

The Vector crossover begins its final leg as Cade Skywalker and his ragtag crew prepare for their gambit to overthrow Darth Krayt. As the journey continues, they run across the drifting vessel of Celeste Morne, a Jedi who has spent 3000 years bonded to an artifact possessed by the spirit of a Sith lord. Knowing of the Skywalker legacy through encounters with Luke and Darth Vader, Celeste’s encounter with Cade takes a surprisingly different turn. While the sections of this story in Dark Times and Rebellion were both pretty good, they also felt somewhat inconsequential i terms of those books’ overall story. Here, however, with the whole future of the Star Wars universe available to play with, it doesn’t feel at all impossible that John Ostrander would take advantage of this crossover to make some lasting changes to the Legacy status quo. Really good issue.
Rating: 8/10

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