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Star Wars: Legacy #27

August 30, 2008

Star Wars: Legacy #27 (Dark Horse Comics)
By John Ostrander & Omar Francia

Here’s a cool little standalone issue. Darth Krayt, lord of the Sith, is suffering from the Yuuzhan Vong coral implants inside his body. To try to save him, Darth Wyrlok attempts to delve the lost Sith knowledge of a master called Darth Andeddu, who found a way to animate his own body even after death. Andeddu doesn’t consider Krayt and Wyrlok worthy of his knowledge, though, and Wyrlok beings an intense battle for the life of his master. The Sith of Star Wars: Legacy are all really intriguing characters, and John Ostrander‘s decision to spotlight them this month makes for one of the best issues of this title since its inception. Although none of these characters are heroes, Wyrlok does manage to become a more sympathetic character, a character you can (almost) root for in his battle against Andeddu. Omar Francias artwork is fantastic — cool-looking aliens, nasty zombie Sith, an awesome painted cover. The whole package is extremely well put-together. If you’re a Star Wars fan, again, this is a book that stands on its own. Go ahead and check it out.
Rating: 8/10

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