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Batgirl (2011 Series) #2

October 17, 2011

Title: Cut Short, Cut Deep

Writer: Gail Simone
Ardian Syaf
Vicente Cifuentes
Ulises Arreola
Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist:
Adam Hughes
Bobbie Chase
DC Comics

In her first encounter with the serial killer called Mirror, Batgirl’s fear of being crippled again stopped her from stopping him. In her next fight, she begins to hunt down the truth… and it’s not at all what she expected. As I’ve come to expect from Gail Simone, this issue really takes the characters and take them into perfectly logical, but very unexpected directions. Barbara’s roommate is already stumbling on her covered in cuts and bruises, something that doesn’t at all sit well with her, and the way it’s approached in this issue, her anger is entirely justified. Mirror himself has a very intriguing motivation, something I wouldn’t have guessed at that makes him less of a madman and more of a tragic villain in the vein of Mr. Freeze and the like. He’s still dangerous, he still needs to be stopped, but when you think about what drove him to the lengths he’s taking, you feel for him. Ardian Syaf is a fantastic artist, and a great choice for this book. I really enjoy his take on Batgirl and the design for mirror. As for Adam Hughes’ cover – is he trying to make Batgirl look like Karen Gillan? Because first of all, he’s succeeding, and second, now I really want her to learn an American accent and play Barbara Gordon in something, because she’d be fantastic. Great issue.

Rating: 9/10

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