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Firebreather (2008 Series) #2

August 16, 2008

Firebreather #2 (Image Comics)
By Phil Hester & Andy Kuhn

Think it’s bad when your birthday present from your dad goes on a rampage and nearly destroys a small town? Imagine how much worse it gets when your mom makes cupcakes with your face on them for your high school homeroom class. Duncan just can’t catch a break. Both of his parents are humiliating him in drastically different ways, and now to top it off, somebody seems to be leaving messages for him by writing on the football field with a school bus, which someone is just sure to notice. Of course, things aren’t peachy for his dad, either, who has to content with some ancient dragon-hunters who have their sights set on Duncan. What’s really great about this book is how utterly normal Duncan is, all things considered. He’s totally believable as a real teenager who just happens to have orange scales and wings. The fantastic elements of his life only serve to reinforce how much he craves an ordinary life, and it’s that relatability that makes him a fun character to read. This is a really strong addition to Image’s superhero line.
Rating: 8/10

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