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Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter-Guilty Pleasures #7

January 2, 2008

Quick Rating: Good
Rating: Parental Advisory

Still undercover with Phillip, Anita may be forced to prove her skills as an animator.

Writer: Laurell K. Hamilton
Adaptation: Jess Ruffner-Booth
Art: Brett Booth
Colors: June Chung
Letters: Bill Tortolini
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Cover Art: Brett Booth
Publisher: Marvel Comics

After a hiatus and an interim fill-in miniseries, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter returns to part seven of Guilty Pleasures. When we left her, Anita has gone undercover at a freak party with the vampire named Phillip, pretending to be his lover to protect herself. As she tries to keep him at arms’ length, she finds herself encountering an animator (like herself) who seems unable to perform the simple task of turning a corpse into a zombie.

There’s been a big change in this title since the last issue – Dabel Brothers ended their relationship with Marvel Comics, leaving behind those titles which had already launched. So how does the first all-Marvel issue compare to the books put out by the Dabels? Really, the only change is cosmetic – there’s no more Dabel stamp on the book. The story is essentially the same, the artwork hasn’t changed at all… really, the only appreciable difference is that everyone working on the book is probably getting paid on time now.

As the story goes, as it continues, it’s just fine. We get to see some of what Anita is really capable of this issue, something that has been neglected in the first half of this storyline, and we see her demonstrating some genuine fortitude as well. It would be disingenuous not to admit that the lapse in publishing has hurt the flow of the story, but when you read the two collected volumes, it should read okay.

It’s a little later, and minus the old imprint, but this title hasn’t changed much. If you liked the first six issues, this is more of what you’re looking for. If not, you won’t want to read this either… but then, you wouldn’t have read it anyway.

Rating: 7/10

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