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Spooks: Omega Team #0

May 30, 2008

Spooks: Omega Team #0 (Devil’s Due Publishing)
By Ryan Schifrin, Larry Hama, Adam Archer, Jim Daly & Grant Goleash

The solid Spooks mini-series spins off a new ongoing, begining with this 99-cent zero issue. If you missed the mini, this is still a pretty good place to jump on board. Spooks is the nickname for the Department of Supernatural Defense, and Omega Team is the “baddest of the bad” that make up that department. This issue we travel with Omega Team into the depths of the Amazon rain forest, where they take on a few zombies just as the warm-up for a much bigger nasty in the depths of a pyramid. I don’t know know if it’s entirely fair to compare this to Hama‘s most famous creation, the classic G.I. Joe team, but if the Joes went after monsters and ghoulies instead of Cobra, the result is pretty much Spooks. That isn’t a criticism, mind you, it actually makes for a very entertaining comic book. It’s a neat combination that works very well, and the monsters we meet in this issue could most certainly prove to be really exciting down the line. For 99 cents, it’s well worth picking up this zero issue to see if this is a comic for you — especially if you’re an old-school G.I. Joe fan like me.
Rating: 8/10

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