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Zombie Highway: Back in Blue #1

November 16, 2007

Zombie Highway: Back in Blue #1 (Digital Webbing)
By Jason Pell, Roberto Viacava, T.J. Kirsch

This pit stop in Digitial Webbing‘s Zombie Highway series is kind of a mixed bag. Although the series is beign released through mini-series and one-shots, writer Jason Pell is clearly treating the stories as if it were an ongoing series, as evidenced by this issue. As a standalone issue of an ongoing series, this would be great — the four guys responsible for unleashing the zombie plague on Earth stop at a rest stop to get their bearings. That’s pretty much it. And when it’s well-written (as this is), it’s the kind of thing that can make for a necessary breather in an ongoing comic. As a one-shot, though, it lacks something of a punch. That #1 on the cover may make this book more enticing to prospective new readers, but the story is something that will leave them cold if they don’t have the foundation built already by having read the previous two miniseries. (The one-shot Directionless special isn’t really required reading here.) This is a good issue, but a heck of a lot better if you’ve read the earlier ones.
Rating: 7/10

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