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Iron Man and Power Pack #1

November 16, 2007

Iron Man and Power Pack #1 (Marvel Comics)
By Marc Sumerak, Marcelo DiChiara, Chris Giarussso & Gurihiru

The newest Power Pack miniseries (I know it’s a marketing thing, but it kinda galls me that they never get top billing in these) kicks off with Iron Man’s old enemy the Ghost breaking into Stark Industries and setting free the giant robot called Ultimo. He suits up and heads out, only to find that the Power Pack kids are already on the case. Although these mini-series are essentially self-contained, people who read them all can feel bits of loose continuity here. Iron Man has encountered the kids before (in the Avengers and Hulk minis) and therefore doesn’t have to go through the stereotypical, “I’m an adult, you’re kids, stay back and let me handle it” nonsense that so often happens in books like these. Instead, he sees the kids and not only automatically recognizes them as being capable, but jumps right into a leadership role with them. It makes the book seem smarter than a lot of kid comics. There’s also a new Mini-Marvels back-up by Chris Giarrusso, and as always, it’s fantastically funny. May I say that I’d like to hereby plead with Marvel to fast-track the inevitable Elephant Steve miniseries? Right away, please?
Rating: 8/10

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