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The Unwritten #24

October 17, 2011

Title: Stairway to Heaven

Writer: Mike Carey
Peter Gross
Al Davison
Chris Chucky
Todd Klein
Cover Artist:
Yuko Shimizu
Pornsak Richetshote
DC Comics/Vertigo

One of the cool things Mike Carey and Peter Gross are doing with The Unwritten is popping in between longer story arcs to develop the story of Pauly Bruckner, a human who has been transformed into a fluffy white rabbit out of a children’s book and is being forced to journey through the world of stories. In this issue, Pauly finds his way on a seemingly infinite stairwell, where an entire civilization of anthropomorphic animals is climbing upwards through eternity in what seems to be a mad journey towards the top. Pauly, sensing an opportunity, attempts to wrest control of the nation of animals and use it to help achieve his own end – making it back to a familiar world and exacting his revenge on Tom Taylor. Pauly’s story is becoming increasingly brutal and horrific as the series goes along, The things he does to this peaceful civilization are truly appalling, and it makes us really start to root for (what we hope will be) his eventual comeuppance. Contrasting a shocking story is wonderful artwork by Al Davison, over the layouts by regular artist Peter Gross. Davison is really good at crafting characters that look they could have fallen out of any children’s storybook. The same goes for Pauly, in fact, which makes his horrible facial expressions far, far more effective. As much as I enjoy this series as a matter of course, I think this may be one of the best single issues.

Rating: 9/10

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