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The Spirit (2007 Series) #4

March 22, 2007

Quick Rating: Great
Title: Hard as Satin

The return of Silk Satin – and one of the Spirit’s greatest foes!

Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Pencils: Darwyn Cooke
Inks: J. Bone
Colors: Dave Stewart
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Scott Dunbier
Cover Art: Darwyn Cooke
Publisher: DC Comics

Darwyn Cooke has been really smart about launching this series. Each issue thus far has been completely standalone, and each one has reintroduced a different piece of the Spirit’s mythos. Doing it a bit at a time keeps the reader from feeling overwhelmed, while at the same time, keeping the longtime fan happy to see so many familiar faces. This issue, he brings back not one, but two classic characters, as the Spirit teams up with the femme fatale named Silk Satin (now reimagined as a CIA agent) to track down the whereabouts of one of his greatest enemies.

Both Silk and the villain are reintroduced in very good fashion, and the hunt for the bad guy gives this issue less of a superhero vibe and more of a rip-snorting, “Indiana Jones”-style flavor. The hunt is global, and the adventure reflects that. While Central City is Spirit’s base of operations (and I’m still curious as to whether it turns out to be the Flash’s Central City, as this is ostensibly a DC Universe title), it’s great to know he can trot the globe with the best of ‘em.

You know what’s even better than his writing, though, if such a thing is possible? The art? Cooke doesn’t merely emulate Will Eisner’s style, he uses his own style – it just so happens that his style is spot-on perfect. His women are beautiful, his heroes are rugged and his landscapes are awesome. The splash page is one of the most inventive ways to work the “Spirit” logo into the artwork I’ve ever seen, and Dave Stewart’s colors really help make this book work, presenting a sharp contrast between the urban tones of Central City to the washed-out yellows of the desert scenes.

I love this book. You should too.

Rating: 9/10

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