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Super Human Resources #1

March 14, 2009

Super Human Resources #1 (Ape Entertainment)
By Ken Marcus & Justin Bleep

You thought your last temp job sucked? Try getting summoned to work at Super Crises International, the corporate headquarters of the Mighty Super Crises Squad. This first issue of a clever workplace comedy shows us an office full of superheroes, “reformed” supervillains, ninjas, posions, robots, and plenty of other things that would make you grateful to be crunching numbers in your own cubicle. The problem with this first issue is that there isn’t really much story here. It’s a wonderful introduction to a very funny environment, but as of yet, there isn’t much of a plot. It isn’t until the very last page that we se something that implies anything is going on behind-the-scenes, something that shows us things are actually happening. It’s a funny issue, and I look forward to the rest of the series, but there should have been a bigger focus on the story here.
Rating: 7/10

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