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I, Zombie #17

October 8, 2011

Title: Falling

Writer: Chris Roberson
Michael Allred
Laura Allred
Todd Klein
Cover Artist:
Michael Allred
Shelly Bond
DC Comics/Vertigo

Gwen has had better days. The Dead Presidents and the Gravediggers have come face-to-face in the midst of a zombie attack, during which her big secret has been blown to Horatio? Is there room for love between a monster-slayer and a zombie?

The amazing thing is that with a lesser writer, the preceding synopsis would be absolutely ridiculous, hokey, and painful to read. But Chris Roberson has long since succeeded in making us care about these characters and about the wonderfully bizarre world they inhabit. Gwen’s protest to Horatio that she isn’t a typical zombie is entirely true. The addition of the Dead Presidents to the mix proves to us that she’s not unique either. The causes and manifestations of the monsters in this world are turning out to be even stranger and more layered than we realized in the first two story arcs. Blending in a bit of tragic love story doesn’t hurt at all. Ellie’s subplot, meanwhile, is continuing to help that character grow and evolve in very interesting ways. And the sudden reveal on the last couple of pages is shocking and engaging. There’s no telling where this story is going to go, and that’s just the way I like it.

Once again, Michael and Laura Allred prove themselves to be the perfect art team for this book. Michael Allred’s quirky designs are uniquely suited to a comic of this nature, mixing monster movies with pop art stylings that fit everything from the action to the romance. Laura Allred’s colors, similarly, bled the styles – dark for the monsters, wild and kitschy for the girls’ clothing, and so forth.

This book is a fantastic read, and always entertaining.

Rating: 8/10

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