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My Name is Bruce #1

October 11, 2008

My Name is Bruce #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
By Milton Freewater Jr., Mark Verheiden, Cliff Richards & Bart Sears

Based on the long-delayed movie of the same name, the My Name is Bruce one-shot features B-movie legend Bruce Campbell getting recruited by one of his biggest fans to fight off a vengeful demon accidentally released from a mine. A couple of spiteful ghosts watch the whole thing, amused by the proceedings. This is a pretty weak book, as 99 percent of all movie-to-comic adaptations are. The story is rushed and the characters (even Campbell are paper-thin). There’s no real sense of joy or excitement, the stuff that you just need in Campbell‘s work to make it fun to watch. I’m not going to judge the movie on this, as (like I said) comic adaptations, even of great movies, are usually pretty bad. But if I didn’t already love Bruce, this wouldn’t be a comic that would make me a fan.

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