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Birds of Prey (1999 Series) #70

July 18, 2004

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Huntress/Prey (Between Dark and Dawn Part Two)

On her first mission, Huntress faces a crazed former Justice Leaguer – and stumbles onto a nasty secret.

Writer: Gail Simone
Art: Ed Benes
Colors: Hi-Fi Design
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Joan Hilty
Cover Art: Greg Land
Publisher: DC Comics

Now a full member of the team, Huntress’s first mission sends her undercover, investigating a cult that is somehow tied into the deaths of three teenagers who were found wearing the costumes of dead superheroes. The cult turns out to have some protection, however – the crazed former JLA member named Vixen. Even for someone with Huntress’s training, Vixen is a formidable opponent, and when you add in the fact that she’s totally bloodcrazed, the newest Bird of Prey is in for a serious fight.

Meanwhile, Oracle is working with Savant, giving him a second chance by giving him a tiny, dirty section of Gotham to clean up. As you can imagine, Black Canary isn’t crazy about this idea, but she’s willing to go along with it out of trust for Oracle. It’s an interesting idea – certainly not the first time a villain is given a chance to get on the side of the angels, but I feel like Simone has found a new angle to put to it.

Huntress’s storyline, the “A Plot,” as it were, is even more interesting. Generally speaking, this is a pretty “street level” book, but Simone has tapped into a plot that really has much wider implications. There are a lot of places this story could go, and they aren’t all restricted to Birds of Prey.

Ed Benes returns on the art chores this issue, and he hasn’t missed a beat. He draws some tough-looking women, and although he tends to lapse into cheesecake artwork at times, he has strong, dynamic poses. Vixen and Huntress each get suitable ferocious looks on their faces when necessary. There’s also your standard fight scene in the rain, which he handles well, and the whole thing wraps up with a tidy little cliffhanger.

As one of the few bat-universe titles to escape the upcoming “War Crimes” crossover, Simone is instead going bi-weekly for this story arc, dishing up twice the Birds of Prey every month. It’s one of the few books out there that’s really worth it, although it’ll be easier on the pocketbook when it goes back to a regular schedule. This storyline is shaping up nicely, though, and it’ll be fun to see where it goes.

Rating: 8/10

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