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Perhapanauts (2008 Series) #1

April 26, 2008

Perhapanauts #1 (Image Comics)
By Todd Dezago & Craig Rousseau

Ah, one of my favoriteist funky little miniseries makes its triumphant return, this time as an ongoing series. If you never read the two Perhapanauts miniseries or the annual, here’s what you need to know: Bedlam is an organization dedicated to investigating threats of a paranormal nature, and the Perhapanauts are teams of bizarre super-agents in their employ. Our team of Perhapanauts includes the leader, telepathic Arisa, the ghost Molly, the Sasquatch named Big, the mysterious dimension-slider MG, and Choopie. He’s a Chupacabra. Like most of their stories, this one picks up in medias res, with the team in a strange dimension they’re using to try to return a time-traveler to his own period, only to run afoul of the cosmic Mothmen who patrol the dimension. It’s as weird and freaky as it sounds, and it’s also damn brilliant. This is the sort of title that’s totally, insanely fun to read, and this book gives you everything you need to get right in. The “Choopie Goes to Church” back-up is hilarious, too. Go out, give it a shot.
Rating: 9/10

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