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House of Mystery (2008 Series) #5

September 12, 2008

House of Mystery #5 (DC Comics/Vertigo)
By Matthew Sturges, Luca Rossi, Sean Murphy, Esao Andrews

As Fig and the others narrowly escape a collapse in part of the House of Mystery, questions are raised as to just how tightly she’s connected to the House. While the others have certainly been there longer, it seems as if Fig has been living under the shadow of the House her entire life. Sturges is crafting a pretty interesting fantasy mystery here, raising questions as to the true nature of the House and of Fig herself. Rossi‘s artwork is really strong as well, wrapping up this first storyline nicely. This issue also features perhaps the best story-within-a-story yet, as Jordan relates to the others what a typical day in his life was like before he was whisked off to the House of Mystery. Sturges has a lot of fun with this story, as Jordan’s text reads like the most boring, mundane life you could imagine, but the artwork (by Sean Murphy reveals a world that’s drastically different than the one we live in, making it all the most humorous how Jordan can just take it all in stride. The dichotomy is really entertaining. The first story arc was pretty good — certainly enough to bring me back for next issue.
Rating: 8/10

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