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Irredeemable #10

January 30, 2010

Irredeemable #10 (Boom! Studios)
By Mark Waid, Peter Krause & Dan Panosian

Gilgamos and Bette Noir finally have it out over the Plutonian’s fixation on her. It’s clear that something was going on — but what? And will they have a chance to discuss it before a demon from the past attacks? Charybdis (now calling himself Survivor) and Kaidan, meanwhile, are looking for someone important, but the Survivor’s own instabilities are bubbling to the surface. Oh, and Tony? He’s hooked up with an old friend. As this series progresses, it’s becoming obvious that the Plutonian’s insanity is only the most visible sign of what’s wrong here. Bette’s infidelity, the Survivor’s sense of entitlement, and even the nasty things that happened long before the Plutonian snapped are each coming to light, one at a time, making the whole world look like a much darker place than any of the superhero worlds that may have inspired it. Peter Krause‘s artwork continues to impress, blending the light and the dark beautifully, and the Dan Panosian cover (there are two others, but this is one one I got) is fantastic. The stolen moment between Tony and Bette is one thing, but the look she gives to the camera casts the entire image in a different light, making it clear that although she may be with the world’s most powerful hero, her mind is elsewhere. There’s something else going on. I’m very anxious to find out what that secret is.
Rating: 8/10

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