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The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1

October 3, 2011

Title: God Particle

Writers: Ethan Van Sciver & Gail Simone
Yildiray Cinar
Steve Buccellato
Travis Lanham
Cover Artist:
Ethan Van Sciver
Rachel Gluckstern
DC Comics

Firestorm is one of the few concepts that DC is starting from scratch here in the New 52. Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch are seniors at Walton Mills High School, and after an unpleasant confrontation over a school newspaper article, they don’t get along at all. When a group of terrorists arrive at their school, though, the two of them are thrown together into something much bigger than them both.

I like almost everything about this book. Simone and Van Sciver have taken the two most popular incarnations of Firestorm and found a way not only to fuse them together (no pun intended) but to create something powerful and new as well. There’s clearly a very rich backstory to this series that’s barely been explored here, something that I have no doubt the writers will be able to mine for story for a very long run. The two main characters, similarly, have a great amount of potential. Jason thinks Ronnie is a dumb jock, Ronnie thinks Jason is a geek with a chip on his shoulder, and while neither of them are entirely right about the other, neither of them are entirely wrong, either. The dynamic between the two of them is very different from any previous incarnation of Firestorm, even the one we saw most recently featuring the two of them in Brightest Day.

I’ve called Yildiray Cinar one of comics’ rising stars in the past, and I think this may be the book that really puts him on the map. Working from an already-stellar script, Cinar puts out some very good artwork and presents the new versions of a familiar DC hero in a very bold, exciting, dynamic way.

It’s a whole new take on the character, but at the same time, feels very familiar. Some of the New 52 books that have me the most excited give me a feeling like I imagine any remaining long-time readers felt at the dawn of the Silver Age, when old concepts like the Flash and Green Lantern were coming back, but in different forms. This is that new era for Firestorm, and it’s an era I’m very excited to explore.

Rating: 9/10

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