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X-23: Target X #2

January 4, 2007

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: Target X Part Two
Rating: Parental Advisory

X-23 reveals herself to her only friend.

Writers: Craig Kyle & Chris Yost
Art: Mike Choi & Sonia Oback
Letters: Troy Peteri
Editor: Axel Alonso
Cover Art: Mike Choi & Sonia Oback
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Captain America and Matt Murdock continue their interrogation of the girl who would become the X-Men’s living weapon. X-23, now calling herself Laura, manages to escape an early encounter with Cap to find her way to her “mother”’s family. Efforts to fit in at school prove pointless, but she finds a connection with Megan she didn’t expect.

This issue, at least, seems to have abandoned the bouncing-around-the-timeline technique used in the first issue, but what’s left is still just okay. Laura’s bizarre behavior can be explained by her past, but the weird things going on with Megan don’t quite sit right. What’s more, as Laura gets in more and more trouble in school, Megan gets into it for no reason. And I don’t mean she’s misbehaving without motivation, I mean she’s literally in trouble for no reason – Laura disrupts class and Megan winds up in the principal’s office too, despite having done absolutely nothing wrong. It doesn’t make any sense.

Like the last issue, the perplexing story is elevated by great artwork, but even that has its limits. Like with this week’s newuniversal, the artists gratuitously throw in a couple of celebrity “cameos” that absolutely wrench you out of the story. You can get away with that sort of thing in a humor comic, but when the book is supposed to be serious (even if the scene in question is played in a more lighthearted fashion), it really hurts to get pulled out of it this way.

An okay issue, but it’s still not making me a fan of the character.

Rating: 6/10

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