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Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #5

July 1, 2007

Quick Rating: Fair
Title: Acceptance
Rating: T+

The funeral for Captain America.

Writer: Jeph Loeb
Pencils: John Cassaday
Inks: John Cassaday
Colors: Laura Martin
Letters: Richard Starkings
Editor: Bill Rosemann
Cover Art: John Cassaday, Michael Turner (Variant)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

After what seems like an eternity, Steve Rogers is finally put to rest… or is he?

Marvel has been really pushing this book hard as the next “big thing,” the next issue that’s going to have everybody talking. After having read it that big moment is… well… if you can figure it out, you tell me. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not a bad issue, it’s just that there isn’t anything in here even remotely interesting enough to justify the work of the hype machine.

Even calling this the “Iron Man” issue is dubious, as more than half the issue is concerned with Falcon’s eulogy for Cap at Arlington National Cemetery. The funeral is okay – there are several nice flashbacks to Cap’s past, all illustrated beautifully by John Cassaday. After a while, though, the eulogy starts to sound more like a roll call of everyone who felt welcome to attend the funeral.

The final scene is actually far more preferable to me. It’s even more quiet, and the few characters who appear are absolutely the ones that should be involved in a moment like this one. And I must give Jeph Loeb credit for being one of the few writers in the past several months to write Iron Man as a human being instead of a cartoon supervillain. Without giving anything away, I can only assume this last scene is the bit that’s supposed to have everyone talking, as it can easily be interpreted as Loeb putting the pieces where they need to be for the inevitable resurrection.

As funeral issues go, it’s not a bad one. It’s just not as big a deal as it’s been made out to be.

Rating: 6/10

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