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50 Girls 50 #4

September 25, 2011

Writers: Doug Murray & Frank Cho
Axel Medellin
Nikos Koutsis
Thomas Mauer
Cover Artist:
Frank Cho
Joe Keatinge
Image Comics

The first 50 Girls 50 miniseries comes to a really strong conclusion this month, as the crew of the Savannah gets caught in some sort of cosmic storm while going through a wormhole. The crew soon discovers that they’ve become bonded with a bizarre alien life form, and to save themselves, they may have to give up that what they want more than anything. As far as I know, Image hasn’t announced a second miniseries yet, so this is a pretty bold ending. It’s something that could be accepted as a final ending, but it wouldn’t be terribly satisfying in that context. Looking at it as where this season of the story is taking a break, though, it works just fine. Murray, Cho,and Medellin have, in three issues, created a very vibrant, intriguing, and unique science fiction world. There are places and – more importantly – characters in this book that I’d like very much to explore in the future, and even though this mostly-action issue doesn’t give us too much of a chance to do that, it doesn’t disappoint. Time to sit back, cross your fingers, and hope for volume two.

Rating: 8/10

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