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Invincible Iron Man #506

August 28, 2011

Title: Fear Itself Part 3: The Apostate

Writer: Matt Fraction
Salvador Larroca
Frank D’Armata
Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist:
Salvador Larroca
Alejandro Arbona
Marvel Comics

In Fear Itself #4, Tony Stark made a desperate plea for Odin’s attention, sacrificing the thing he valued the most… his sobriety. This issue brings us the aftermath of that horrible decision… Tony Stark makes weapons. To save his friends and the world, he begs Odin the use of his own forge to create the greatest weapons he’s ever made. When I read Fear Itself #4 I was initially upset. Matt Fraction is a good writer, but he’s not above using shock moments if he thinks it’ll grab the reader. This issue convinced me that Tony taking a drink again was more than just shock. It plays into the Fear Itself storyline well, but it also opens up the character to an unwanted avenue that he thought was closed. There’s some storytelling potential there. Unlike some other characters, whose personal demons seem to crop up again every time a new writer takes the reins (and here I am thinking of Henry Pym), nobody has ever really danced with the idea of Tony taking a drink again. For the sake of this story, it works, but I am a little scared that future writers will see this as unlocking the revolving door and spend the next 30 years having Tony go back and forth with the bottle. Salvador Larroca has some cool stuff to draw this issue, mixing up the heavily sci-fi based Iron Man with the heavily mystic world of Asgard. Together, it makes a cool-looking book that’s fun to read and makes for a solid comic book.

Rating: 8/10

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